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Review by John Dugan Directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, who have both previously worked on Zootropolis (2016) and plenty of other Disney animated features such as Moana (2016) and Bolt (2008), have now released what will hopefully be another Disney classic, Encanto (2021). From having only seen the trailer, Encanto may first appear toContinue reading “Encanto”

Petit Maman

Review by Brí Joyce How does an eight year old navigate pain? Is time travel extraordinary; or is it a natural effect of a world that is built on inheritance and cycles of death and lineage? What insight can a child have into the adult world? These are the questions Celine Schiamma proposes in herContinue reading “Petit Maman”

King Richard

Review by Lila Funge I have to admit that I went into this film with my guard up. I did not necessarily want to enjoy it at all, however, indie director Reinaldo Marcus Green stepped up to the challenge of a box-office biopic and truly delivered. As a woman, I was concerned and legitimately frustratedContinue reading “King Richard”


Review by Katie McKenna When I was a kid, my favourite book was a copy of Aesop’s Fables. As my father would read me stories about lions, grasshoppers and tortoises, I would sit transfixed. These mini character studies showed us cautionary tales where people were punished for their mistakes. Then at the bottom of eachContinue reading “Spencer”

The Eternals

Review by Liam Kelly Fresh from her resounding success at the Academy Awards, auteur Chloé Zhao (Nomadland (2020)) ventures into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Out of all of the projects Marvel has on its slate, there was a lot of intrigue surrounding The Eternals. The characters from the comics are largely unknown, and itContinue reading “The Eternals”

The French Dispatch

Review by Kane Geary O’Keeffe The French Dispatch (Wes Anderson, 2021) acts as the auteur’s typically pastelled love letter to old school journalism and the gritty field work that conjured the amazing tales previously found on the printed page. Ironically, Anderson achieves this by creating an anthology of scenarios which exist in such a heightenedContinue reading “The French Dispatch”

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