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Review by Ciaran Drohan In the mid-1970s, a friend visited Brian Eno while he was recovering in hospital after a car crash. Before leaving, she put on a record of classical harp music, however the volume was quite low and the music blended into the sound of rain, hospital machinery and distant chatter. This momentContinue reading “Memoria”

Nightmare Alley

Review by Cathal Eustace Nightmare Alley was fun, sexy and I liked it. However I only liked it– let me elaborate. This film will not be a classic but who can foretell the future– Regardless there’s nothing exceptionally strong in the narrative. You could watch the first 30 minutes of the film and predict theContinue reading “Nightmare Alley”

West Side Story

Review by Sophie Furlong Tighe Hollywood’s perverse obsession with remaking beloved films has claimed another victim, it seems— West Side Story. There’s much to roll one’s eyes at, before even entering the theatre. Can’t we make new films? Would that be so bad? However, with Tony Kushner (author of Angels in America, among other masterpieces) andContinue reading “West Side Story”

C’mon C’mon

Review by Eve Smith Mike Mills’ C’mon, C’mon (2021), wants you to think about your inner child. One of the film’s most climactic scenes has stilted but loving middle-aged Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) and his nephew Jesse (Woody Norman) screaming at each other in the woods that ‘this is fucked up’. Sometimes, the non-rational part ofContinue reading “C’mon C’mon”


Review by John Dugan Directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, who have both previously worked on Zootropolis (2016) and plenty of other Disney animated features such as Moana (2016) and Bolt (2008), have now released what will hopefully be another Disney classic, Encanto (2021). From having only seen the trailer, Encanto may first appear toContinue reading “Encanto”

Petit Maman

Review by Brí Joyce How does an eight year old navigate pain? Is time travel extraordinary; or is it a natural effect of a world that is built on inheritance and cycles of death and lineage? What insight can a child have into the adult world? These are the questions Celine Schiamma proposes in herContinue reading “Petit Maman”

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