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Mark Cousins: Women Make Film

Article by Niamh Muldowney 29th of February 2020, the evening the first case of Covid-19 in Ireland would be announced. But, that morning, director Mark Cousins was in town to introduce his latest film, Women Make Film, at the Dublin International Film Festival. Two other film students from Trinity, Giorgiomaria Cornelio and Markéta Ní Eithir,Continue reading “Mark Cousins: Women Make Film”


Review by Joey Fanthom “Don’t try to understand. Just do.” This is a line delivered early in Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet, by Clemence Poesy’s scientist as she introduces the concept of ‘inversion’ to John David Washington’s unnamed protagonist. It is a concept that seems to be some variation on time travel where, once someoneContinue reading “Tenet”


The fifth in TFR’s Lockdown Recap series, capturing our quarantine viewing habits and the changing nature of cinema. Following the closure of cinemas around the world, movie-goers turned to online streaming as it became more accessible. Here, Peter Horan discusses a favourite from MUBI’s recently-opened library. Berlin: Symphony of a Great City Written by PeterContinue reading “Streaming”


The fourth in TFR’s Lockdown Recap series, capturing our quarantine viewing habits and the changing nature of cinema. At the beginning of the pandemic, many found themselves turning to dystopian cinema as a form of escapism. Here, two of our contributors focus on their favourites. Dante’s Peak Written by Jane Stockwell Quarantine saw a massiveContinue reading “Apocalypse”

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