From the Archives: Overrated – Calvary

Originally published 2014 | Written by Liam Farrell Calvary has an admittedly brilliant premise. Father James (Brendan Gleeson), is faced in his confession box with a man who says he was a victim of sex abuse as a child at the hands of a Catholic priest. He tells Father James that he will murder himContinue reading “From the Archives: Overrated – Calvary”

From the Archives: The Look of Silence

Originally published 2014 | Written by Cathal Kavanagh 50 years ago, helped along by Cold War paranoia about apparent communist threats, the Indonesian army staged a coup on the road to eventually seizing control of the country in 1968. As part of the ‘spontaneous’ uprisings on behalf of the citizenry, up to a million ‘communists’,Continue reading “From the Archives: The Look of Silence”

From the Archives: Most Memorable Visions of the Future

Originally published 2014 | Written by Thomas Emmet, Eoin Moore, Louie Carroll, Luke O’Reilly and Sean Nolan WALL E  THOMAS EMMET Pixar is a visionary studio, creating arguably the best animation for both children and adults, but it never mistakes itself for not pleasing the masses. Wall.E (close to being their best film) is theirContinue reading “From the Archives: Most Memorable Visions of the Future”

From the Archives: The Intern

Originally posted 2015 | Review by Jade Pepper In the wake of films such as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and series’ akin to the fiercely hilarious Grace and Frankie, Nancy Meyers’ The Intern also plays its part in foregrounding and championing the seemingly forgotten and overlooked perspective of older citizens in our hectic modern world.  An existence bombarded by incessantContinue reading “From the Archives: The Intern”

From the Archives: Pan

Originally posted 2015 | Review by Christopher O’Donnell Peter Pan has long history on the big screen with many different iterations, the most popular probably being the 1953 Disney animated version. This film from director Joe Wright, comes twelve years after the last cinematic attempt at adapting J.M. Barrie’s play, and tries to stand outContinue reading “From the Archives: Pan”

From the Archives: Our Brand is Crisis

Originally posted 2015 | Review by Sarah Cullen Recognising that their current campaign strategy for their client is failing, political consultant ‘Calamity’ Jane Bodine (Sandra Bullock) decides that it is time to change tactics. Instead of changing the man to suit the narrative, they are going to change the narrative to suit. You don’t needContinue reading “From the Archives: Our Brand is Crisis”

From the Archives: Macbeth

Originally posted 2015 | Review by Thomas Emmet Do we need another Macbeth? The infamous Scottish play has a rich history on celluloid from Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood to the extremely potent Polanski version filmed after his wife was brutally murdered to the Mumbai based adaptation “Maqbool”. Should it, star two in demand actors? ShouldContinue reading “From the Archives: Macbeth”

From the Archives: Goodbye to Language

Originally posted 2015 | Review by Amelia McConville The latest offering from Jean Luc Godard is a colourful deluge of images, video, sound – in a series of sequences that are as intentionally ambiguous as they are encompassing. He seems to confront, toy with, undermine and celebrate his medium in this frustrating progression of non-sequiturContinue reading “From the Archives: Goodbye to Language”

From the Archives: Older Than Ireland

Originally posted 2015 | Review by James McGovern When I decided to review Alex Fegan’s documentary exploring the lives of thirty Irish centenarians through their own voices I expected – and was hoping for – a film that would narrate crucial historical events in Irish history from unorthodox points of view. With the vague memoryContinue reading “From the Archives: Older Than Ireland”

From the Archives: Kill the Messenger

Originally posted 2015 | Review by Cathal Kavanagh With a speedily propelled, exceedingly efficient plot, and produced for the comparatively paltry sum of 5 million dollars, Michael Cuesta’s thriller Kill The Messenger has an awful lot to recommend it. Well made, well told and oftentimes quite compelling, it’s nonetheless in no way destined for cult status, norContinue reading “From the Archives: Kill the Messenger”