West Side Story

Review by Sophie Furlong Tighe Hollywood’s perverse obsession with remaking beloved films has claimed another victim, it seems— West Side Story. There’s much to roll one’s eyes at, before even entering the theatre. Can’t we make new films? Would that be so bad? However, with Tony Kushner (author of Angels in America, among other masterpieces) andContinue reading “West Side Story”

Deadly Cuts

Review by John Dugan When first watching the trailer for this film, I was worried that as an Irish film certain colloquialisms and phrases would be lost on me, an American viewer. I also think it’s important to acknowledge this, so that any readers can take that context into consideration. However, despite my unfamiliarity withContinue reading “Deadly Cuts”

Rose Plays Julie

Review by Róisín Ní Riain Rose Plays Julie, the latest outing from writer-director duo Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, aims to disconcert. It goes about this mission from every angle. We glide from plot point to plot point with almost torturous slowness. Individual faces, figures lost in sterile space, and, in one scene, animal visceraContinue reading “Rose Plays Julie”

The Green Knight

Review by Katie McKenna I once heard a rule for watching films called ‘Shut Up It’s a Tuesday’, which tells you to ignore plot inconsistencies.  A lot of the best films have them. If the story is engaging it doesn’t matter. No one ever hears Charles Foster Kane say “Rosebud”, but that’s ok. The filmContinue reading “The Green Knight”

The Many Saints of Newark

Review by James Mahon Fourteen years after the end of The Sopranos – arguably one of the best television shows of our time – comes a cinematic prequel, The Many Saints of Newark (Alan Taylor, 2021). The Sopranos as a series was defined by its piercing psychological examinations of its characters, its vivid mob lifeContinue reading “The Many Saints of Newark”


Review by Luke Bradley From minute one, thanks to an electrically-meta opening musical number (‘So May We Start?’) Annette (Leos Carax, 2021) has you hooked. Whether or not you’re along for the ride becomes clear quickly, but it’s nonetheless a testament to the film. Every sequence, every song is charged with a wildly unique blendContinue reading “Annette”


Review by James Mahon Embodying the chilling effects of Dario Argento’s horror subgenre ‘giallo’ thrillers and the voyeuristic sensibility of Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom (Michael Powell, 1960), Censor (Prano Bailey-Bond, 2021) is the feature length directorial debut of Prano Bailey-Bond. The film is a welcome addition to the cannon of inventive horror movies that not only depict gory violence but examineContinue reading “Censor”

The Boys from County Hell

By James Mahon Mixing horror with comedy has never been particularly well executed in the modern film industry. Although an appealing combination, most directors and writers don’t seem quite able to create the correct blend of fear and laughter, often resulting in a total absence of both. The trio of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost andContinue reading “The Boys from County Hell”